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A key part of the Aldridge Advantage for Year 11 students this year has been access to the Virtual Aldridge programme.  Virtual Aldridge is an online English and maths GCSE tutoring service run by Aldridge Education. The main aim of the programme is to provide students with the necessary tools to achieve the best possible grades in their GCSEs. 

We are pleased to announce that, due to the success of Virtual Aldridge in Year 11, we are expanding this provision. From September 2021, all Aldridge students in Years 7 to 11 will be eligible for a place at Virtual Aldridge.

At Virtual Aldridge: 

  • Students will receive weekly one-hour tutoring sessions in English and/or maths throughout the academic year
  • Sessions are delivered virtually to small groups of three students
  • Sessions take place outside of the school day, in the evenings and at weekends
  • Sessions are taught by expert subject specialist Virtual Aldridge tutors who receive high quality training and development, including in safeguarding
  • Tutors and schools communicate frequently about the learning progress of each student
  • There is a dedicated email address for students and their parents/carers to communicate with the Virtual Aldridge team
  • All Virtual Aldridge online tutoring sessions are FREE to students.

With the disruption to education across the globe over the last two years, it is more important than ever that all students, regardless of current attainment level, are supported to close their learning gaps. Tutoring in small groups is one of the best ways to support their school-based learning and we strongly recommend that students take advantage of this excellent, free support worth over £500 per student.

I have been emailed to say I have a Virtual Aldridge session slot but how do I log into Teams?

Please see the Teams How To video for your school below, which will take you through a step by step log in process.  The Student & Family Information Booklet will then show you how to access your tutor group area and sessions.

How much does Virtual Aldridge cost?

The Virtual Aldridge programme is fully funded and therefore FREE to students.

I have completed the booking link below. How do I know if my child has a place at Virtual Aldridge?

Thank you for completing the link. We had a very large number of applications before the summer and are processing them in order. We will be contacting parents in the w/c 6th September about Virtual Aldridge and waiting list places.

How does my child apply for a place at Virtual Aldridge?

We had a very large number of applications before the summer and Virtual Aldridge is now oversubscribed.


For students joining or attending Years 7 to 11 in an Aldridge academy this academic year, please click on the link below to be added to the waiting list.

How do students book their weekly slot?

Students are able to express their preferred weekly session times via an online form. The session slots are then allocated on a first come first served basis. Whilst we will do our best to assign students to their first or second choice of session time, this will not always be possible.

The link to this form will be emailed to students in September when they have their new timetables.


How are students grouped?

Students will be placed in groups of up to three.  Groups are based on student year, target and attainment data, and information from schools.  Groups may contain students from a mix of Aldridge schools.


Will students have the same tutor each week?

Yes, students have the same tutor for the duration of the programme so that the tutor gets to know the students and can personalise the learning.


Who are the tutors?

Virtual Aldridge has completed a rigorous safer recruitment process to build an excellent tutor team.  All of the tutors are either experienced teachers or experienced GCSE tutors. There will be welcome evenings in September for students (and their family) to meet their tutor.


Are the session slots at the same time each week?

Yes, sessions will be at the same time each week.


Can students access the lesson resources outside of the tutor sessions?

Yes, tutors upload the session resources to the group’s Teams channel which students can access online at all times.


Are the sessions recorded?

We ask all tutors and students to keep their cameras and microphones on throughout sessions to facilitate learning and to safeguard both students and tutors. However, we do not record the video or audio during sessions. We do monitor and record the chat facility to ensure that they are being used for learning purposes only.


Can students contact their tutor outside of the sessions?

Students can add learning questions to their tutor group chat for your tutor group. The tutor will address the questions in the next session.


What if students struggle with internet connection issues and miss all or part of a session?

Students should email to let us know. They can access the resources online after the session.


What if students miss a session due to a school commitment e.g. a parents evening?

Students should email in advance with the details of the session they are missing and why.


How long will students be on the waiting list if they don’t get a place from September?

Students who do not attend their sessions regularly will be removed from the programme and their place immediately assigned to a student on the waiting list.  Unfortunately, we cannot predict how long the wait may be.

If your child is attending an Aldridge Education Trust secondary school in September and you are interested in booking their place on Virtual Aldridge, please click below:

Virtual Aldridge Form

“Friendly environment jam packed with tutors who care. Duke's Aldridge Academy Student

Brilliant, every part is great, the teachers are really friendly. Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio Student

It’s helped me and will most definitely help others. Take a leap of faith and it will take you far!” Duke's Aldridge Academy Student

Virtual Aldridge has immersed me more into maths than I believed was possible.” Darwen Vale High School Student

“Very beneficial and encouraging for students!Brighton Aldridge Community Academy Student

“The lessons always flowed smoothly, allowing for maximum focus.” Darwen Vale High School Student

“Personally I think it has made me much more confident and I feel much happier in English than I did before I started the tutoring.” Darwen Aldridge Community Academy Student

“It was very informative and helped improve my English massively. If I didn’t attend these sessions my exams would have been substantially worse and I would have definitely achieved a lower grade. Duke's Aldridge Academy Student

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