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The Aldridge Advantage

Our mission is to provide Aldridge Advantage to all, including the hardest to reach, leaving no-one behind. This means that, above and beyond the high-quality education that we believe every school wants to provide, we offer Aldridge Advantage through:

Curriculum and culture            

Our school leaders set the culture and require 100% engagement with it. Both the content and the structure of our curriculum must support great learning and required outcomes for all students; we focus on ensuring everyone is learning and we check to make sure this is happening.

Levelling the playing field          

Every family has dreams for their children; we aim to help where required so that every child is helped to turn dreams into aspirations – both at home and at school, in partnership with parents.

Closing the gap                          

We have a culture of ‘review and refine’ – from a student error in a classroom task through to trust-wide gaps in performance; we aim to get better faster so we look for gaps, we name them and then we fix them as fast as we can.

Aldridge Enterprise                             

For us, enterprise means facilitating opportunities for every learner to make an impact with their knowledge. We have identified a set of skills and exposures which we believe will lead to both the capacity and the aspiration for our learners to thrive; they add up to our ‘enterprise formula’.

Benefitting our communities              

As part of our reason for existence, we look for opportunities to bring positive things to the communities around our schools. This could include adult learning opportunities, sports facilities or other comparable projects – offering economic uplift, retraining, leisure and hobby facilities and enhanced buildings for the whole community. In addition, the mutual respect and common manners we expect from our learners and the sense of citizenship they develop will benefit their local communities for many years to come.

We exist to serve the needs of all in our communities – including those who are the most disadvantaged and the hardest to reach. We believe each young person has skills to be developed and the potential to enjoy life and contribute to their community in a meaningful way. 

This belief shapes the way we think, the way we speak, the way we act, the way we recruit, the way we make decisions, the way we plan, the way we use our time and the way we are building our schools. 

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