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We are delighted to welcome Pavel Tsakalidis, Security Delivery Manager at ContextIS (part of Accenture Security)!


Monday 23rd November 6pm, Teams



Pavel specialises in Red/Purple Teaming where the goal is to assess the security posture of organisations, beginning with phishing and ending in a complete compromise of their critical infrastructure. In addition, he regularly performs other pen testing engagements such as web application and network infrastructure assessments.


Pavel has also developed offensive security tools which he has presented at conferences such as BSidesLV, Defcon DemoLabs, and BlackHat Arsenal EU.


Futures Pathways: #IT #CyberSecurity #EthicalHacking #RedTeam #PurpleTeam #WebDevelopment #SoftwareDevelopment #PenTesting #OffensiveSecurity



The Speaker Series is a fortnightly virtual speaker event showcasing the wealth of possible Futures for our community. Speakers will talk about their own experiences as well as answer questions from the audience. Open to all Aldridge students, families, staff and wider communities. 



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