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In this blog series, we shine a spotlight on the NPQ courses we have on offer in partnership with Teach First, including showcasing some of our fantastic programme members.



Growing Together NPQ Spotlight - Qasim Hussain

Today’s post is a spotlight on… The NPQ for Leading Behaviour and Culture (NPQLBC) with with Qasim Hussain from Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio



What drew you to work in the education profession? 

From an early age, I always had Plan A and Plan B. I had always wanted to be a forensic scientist (plan A), and whilst studying Biomedical science, only 1 job came up for the Forensic Science service, it is then that I decided to follow my plan B  to become a teacher. I wanted to make a difference in children’s lives by inspiring them and motivating them just as my teachers did with me, and oh! I also did it for the holidays. 


Why did you want to complete an NPQ? 

Because it was free! I wanted to complete the NPQLBC to seek further knowledge, training and understanding about how to lead behaviour and culture within a school. The advantage was that I could fit the reading around my own time. I didn’t need to travel because all seminars are online. I have met some wonderful people during these sessions form different settings and its lovely to talk about our own experiences to each other. The best thing about completing the NPQ was you get a recognised qualification.


How has your NPQ impacted on your work in school? 
I have learnt new information that I did not know about before for example, intrusive and extrusive behaviours. I have learnt the environment can affect a child ability to learn and techniques to support pupil behaviour and how teaching model behaviour has a direct link with the effect it has on others. I am using the information provided by the EEF as a guide to implement the strategies in order to become more efficient and effective in my teaching. 


What are you hoping to do next with what you have learnt from the course?
Implement what I have learnt in lessons and consistency is key to achieving it. I will also seek guidance to apply and lead any behaviour and culture roles that may become available in my school. 


What is your biggest piece of advice for someone who is considering applying to the course? 
DO IT! “Don’t delay, do it today” …HOWEVER, my ultimate advice would be after the seminar sessions, ALWAYS complete the post seminar reflections ASAP! Your workload can increase at times, (one of the perks of being a teacher!), and you soon forget that you have this little piece of work that needs completing  - “complete it whilst its fresh in your mind” as I would always say to  my colleague / friend Leigh!  


What are the main reasons someone should consider completing an Aldridge Education/ Teach First NPQ? 

  • It is FREE
  • 24-hour access to subject content
  • Any issues or queries you may have get resolved quickly.
  • Each unit is small and manageable – easy to understand and navigate.
  • You get a recognised qualification


Qasim finds out his NPQLBC results in January 2024 – best of luck to him! We are thrilled to have welcomed him back into the NPQSL October 2023 cohort and wish him the best of luck in his continuing career progression.


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