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How we achieve our goals

Aldridge Education is a family of schools working together for the good of our young people.

Our leaders recognise the responsibility of leadership and are unafraid to own it; equally, they understand the benefit of working in collaboration with others inside and outside their school and they build successful partnerships across many spheres of influence.

The Trust's Strategic Plan outlines our five goals, which can be summarised as:

  • We will have a clear educational model which is embedded in our schools, supports strong outcomes and high quality CPD for our people

  • Our schools will have above average outcomes

  • We will have a clear operational model 

  • We will be financially independent and stable

  • We will grow in a sustainable way.

Its also defines how we operate, as one group working for one aim, both empowered and responsible to be working together for the common good.

Our headteachers, or Principals as we call them, are fully responsible for their schools and through our small central team we provide support to assist them in this task. We expect our school leaders to use their time on the things that are of primary importance and as learning is at the heart of our purpose as educators, this means that all our headteachers personally act as coaches to at least one teacher and coach others who are involved in lesson observation and feedback in our schools. Our Principals are expert teachers themselves, with a track record of improving outcomes for young people in their own classrooms.

Aldridge leaders understand the benefit of being part of a family of schools and seek to maximise these opportunities wherever possible. We standardise our practice where the benefits of doing so are greater than the constraints encountered. We do not standardise our practice when we see no intrinsic value in doing so. Notably, we align our practice around curriculum and assessment and we believe that there are four key components to growing a successful school:

  • Strong student culture

  • Data driven instruction

  • Consistent and developmental coaching

  • A knowledge-led curriculum that supports mastery of learning.

We have a strong focus on enterprise across the Trust. We want all our students to leave with the qualities that prepare them to be confident and ready for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of them. This includes promotion of our Aldridge Attributes, links to business partners, bespoke careers advice and guidance, sourcing bursaries and preferred places in apprenticeships and university courses. 

We aim to offer all of our students a range of experiences that build their cultural capital and work experience that is genuinely useful to them in exploring career possibilities. Our vocational courses are practical and hands-on and engage students in the real-world application of the theory they are learning.

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