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Delivering enterprise

There are three elements to the Trust’s delivery of enterprise which complements all that we are doing in other areas of our work:

  1. Core Components: There is both a core enterprise curriculum and a set of core enterprise opportunities that all Aldridge students are entitled to receive.
  2. Local Components: This is the additional curriculum and opportunities provided by individual schools that link to their own specialisms, community and local labour market. Local components complement our core components.
  3. Applied Site Components: The personalised, hands-on interaction provided to learners at our applied (atypical) sites

Where possible, both students and their families are invited to participate in enterprise opportunities.

The Trust Lead for Enterprise owns this part of the Aldridge mission and supports schools in the organisation and delivery of these components. To facilitate this, Aldridge Education partners with a select group of national and local business and education partners.

Core Enterprise Components

All Aldridge students are entitled to receive the core enterprise components. 



Futures (Careers) Curriculum

Workshops on financial literacy, CV writing, interview skills, full range of qualifications, pathways to the professions

Professional Exposure:

Including apprentices, employees, leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs

Professional Speaker Series, workplace visits, virtual / on site work experience, mock interviews


University Exposure

Student speakers, university visits, university guidance

Next Steps Events

Transition events, KS4 options, KS5 options, post-18 options

Enterprise Challenges

National challenges and competitions, social enterprise workshops


The Aldridge Attributes are naturally embedded within each of the core components.

Local Enterprise Components

In addition to personalising the delivery of the core components, including the Aldridge Attributes, schools will provide opportunities that link to their own specialisms, community, and local labour market. This could include industry days focussing on a local specialism, access to local careers events, and some elements of the applied components within specialisms. Information about local components can be found on individual school’s websites.

Applied Site Components

Aldridge applied site students benefit from the offer above and the following unique components:

  • Curriculum writing partnerships with industry professionals for all applied courses
  • Live project briefs provided by industry partners
  • Public critique of student projects by industry professionals
  • Workshop sessions on the timetable for students to develop their individual projects
  • Internship and apprenticeship opportunities for students.

Working in
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