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As a trust we recognise that some people leave school without the qualifications they want and need and others want to continue training, retrain or enjoy learning a range of things throughout adult years.

Our education opportunities don’t stop at the age of 18 because we also support adult education for all – and particularly the most vulnerable and hard to engage.

We believe the opportunity to take control of your career options or to enjoy ongoing learning should continue into adulthood and we are committed to supporting our local communities in this mission. 

Aldridge Adult Learning provides adult education courses, evening classes and part-time education for over 19’s.

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Based at Portslade Aldridge Community Academy, the Adult Learning centre runs over 100 courses every year from the academy and from two other local centres, Foredown Tower and Quayside Youth Centre. Across the 2017-18 academic year, the college achieved a 95.2% average student achievement rate, with 32 of its courses hitting the full 100%.

Feedback figures from students included:

  • 93% thought their course was outstanding or good
  • 93% reported outstanding or good enjoyment levels
  • 83% said it improved their sense of well-being.

The college provides a range of courses; not only for academic studies but also personal interest topics such as yoga, languages or search engine optimisation. In addition it runs the well-regarded Access courses that enable learners to return to education and get the results they need to apply to universities.

Sam from Brighton was offered a place on the Health Promotion MSc at the University of Brighton after studying at the centre and said that the support and knowledge he was given was invaluable in helping him re-enter education after a very long period of illness during which he wasn’t able to study or work.

“I genuinely mean it when I say that being on the Access Course has given me valuable new skills, and broadened my range of opportunities for the future, opening doors which would otherwise have remained closed.”

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