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About Aldridge Education

Our beliefs and intentions

We believe that education should be stimulating, enriching and enjoyable at all phases.

We believe that strong schools and Trusts achieve this through high-quality teaching, strong and relevant curricula that retain breadth within and between future career pathways, through clear boundaries and excellent relationships.

We believe that a great education empowers our young people because it offers them genuine choice for their future decisions. We believe that it allows our students to understand the value of education and learning throughout their lives.

Our intention is that our young people can look forward to the whole of their futures with anticipation because they have turned what excited and stimulated them at school into a career that provides economic security and a life that is enriching, both to them and to those around them.

You can read more about our intention to ensure that our students are empowered for the future in all areas of their lives in our Strategic Plan.

View document documents/aldridge_education_strategic_plan_summary.pdf

Our mission

Our mission is summed up in our strapline: lives transformed through entrepreneurial education.

An enterprising student responds creatively to problems, grows from failure and is hungry for new experiences. A pupil with an entrepreneurial mindset is ‘work ready’, they have a goal to work towards and do so with passion and determination. We recognise that our students will not develop these habits and mindsets unless we model these for them. We seek the same objectives for our organisation, our people and our schools. We aim to be solution-focused, learning-orientated and hungry for growth.

We exist to serve the needs of all in our communities – including those who are the most disadvantaged and the hardest to reach; we believe each young person has skills to be developed and the potential to enjoy life and contribute to their community in a meaningful way. This belief shapes the way we think, the way we speak, the way we act, the way we recruit, the way we make decisions and the way we are building our schools.

The Aldridge Attributes are fundamental to our mission.

You can read more about them here.